Windsurfer Class events focus on fun and accessibility for riders of all skill levels and ages. There are 5 main disciplines in Windsurfer Class. Usually national races (1 or 2 days format) are based on course racing only. National, continental and world championships (4+ days format) usually include also slalom, freestyle and marathon. Team sailing is held in dedicated events.

Course Racing

Upwind/downwind courses focusing on tactical sailing and strategy.

Leg lenght: 0.4 – 0.6 nm
Target Time: 20-25 min


Fast and spectacular races close to the beach. Single or double elimination

6 buoys (1 vs 1)
– Leg lenght: 0.02 – 0.04 nm
– Target Time: 3-5 min

4 buoys (up to 10 boats)
Leg length: 0.04 – 0.08nm
Target time: 5-8 mins
Final: 3 heats no drops.

Long Distance

A true test of endurance and skill. A marathon race will find you pushing your abilities and fitness while crossing vast distances.