Since February 2018 the official Windsurfer Class board is the new Windsurfer LT. The new board represent a significant evolution versus the original One Design, combining fun, simplicity and community of the Windsurfer Class with modern technology and innovation. In official IWCA events, only the approved equipment are admitted.


The Windsurfer Lt has been designed to be used in competitions, school, freestyle and even paddled as a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) on days with no wind. The aim was to produce a board so simple it could be picked up off the beach and enjoyed by a first-time sailor as well as offering superb tactical fleet racing to a more advanced sailor. In mid 2016, upon Windsurfer Class Europe request, COBRA team started working on a project that led to a final perfect combination of board shape, rocker and underwater profile.

To withstand rough handling by beginners and have a long competitive life too, the board is made with COBRA’s single shot AST construction technology. A lightweight EPS core is carefully encapsulated with varying weights of chopped strand fibre glass, open structure combi mats and a foaming epoxy resin system then cured in a vacuum closed mould. Despite being built for longevity, the new board’s light weight gives excellent performance and keeps it easy to handle. A white paint topcoat is applied after final finishing, with graphics, EVA soft foam deck and other fittings. By using an epoxy foam with a large bio-based carbon content, the board has a significantly lower environmental impact vs the original one.

Rigorous online quality control and inspection ensure that boards are produced to the tightest tolerances, each the same as the one before. Each board can be identified through a class patch located on the tail of the board that include the board serial number. The last 4 digits of the serial number indicate the starting year of production and not the actual year of production of the board.

There is no technical difference between the equipment supplied by any of the approved brands or distributor in terms of building specs or performance. All the boards are manufactured by Cobra international Co Ltd.

The boards are supplied with standard tool-less powerbox rear fin, and can have a racing set up, including the race daggerboard, or a school set up suitable for beginners including a smaller daggerboard and a closed deck cover. All boards are anyway adaptable between school and racing set ups buying a specific kit.


The official windsurfer class sail, approved for racing, is a 5.7 sqm.

The sail is produced to the highest quality from mylar materials by two approved manufacturers:
– Sails East (HK) Ltd
– Cobra international Co Ltd.
Sails made by the two suppliers are exactly the same in terms of material and performances, being produced based on the same CAD design.

Each sail is identifiable by a registered class patch with unique serial number and indication of the manufacturer.

For younger sailors, school or training, a 4.5 sqm dacron sail is available too. This sail fit on the standard rig parts from the 5.7 sqm, therefore not requiring dedicated rig parts


The official windsurfer class boom is a standard diameter monocoque aluminium boom.
The boom carry the Windsurfer logo or brand as applied by the appointed manufacturer.
Lenght is adjustable between 180 and 240cm to adapt also to trainer sails

This is the only boom registered for use in official IWCA events.

Mast, mast base and joint

The approved Windsurfer mast is a 460 cm standard diameter (SDM) two-piece mast.
Technical specifications are:
– 40% carbon content
– Constant curve
– 25.5 IMCS
– Net weight: 2,9 kg

The mast show the Windsurfer logo or brand as applied by the appointed manufacturer.

The base extension and joint used to complete the windsurfer class rig are also Class registered official products.