“NCA” National Class Association

12.1 National Class Associations may be affiliated to their respective Member National Authorities (MNA’s). Each National Class Association shall establish its own constitution and regulations in conformity with the legislation of its country, the requirements of its Member National Authority (MNA), the provisions of this Constitution and any other regulations of the International Windsurfer class.

“MNA” Member National Authority

“Member National Authority” (shortly “MNA”) shall mean an organization recognized as the Full Member of the WS, which controls the sport of yachting or sailing in any country or in any political entity.

(* see IWCA costitution)


IWCA Australia NCA – IWCA Australia
1st. Membership year 2018
President: Nick BEZ
Website: windsurferclassaus.com
IWCA Italy NCA –  IWCA Italy
1st. Membership year 2018
President: Luca FRASCARI
Website: windsurferclass.com
IWCA Netherlands NCA – IWCA Netherlands
President: Harold ELFRING
1st. Membership year 2018
Website: windsurferclass.nl
IWCA South Africa NCA –  IWCA South Africa
1st. Membership year 2018
President: Greg REIS
Website: sawca.co.za
IWCA France NCA –  IWCA France
1st. Membership year 2018
President: Celine BORDIER
Website: windsurferclass.com/france
IWCA Spain NCA – IWCA Spain
1st. Membership year 2018
President: Andrea MARCHESI
Website: windsurferclass.com/spain
IWCA Japan NCA – IWCA Japan
1st. Membership year 2018
Delegate: Tatsuo SAKUNO

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